Experience a relaxing and restorative healing treatment to rebalance and revitalize your body, mind and spirit to their natural state of well being or receive higher consciousness wisdom from within and beyond and receive answers and healings to health and life situations.
  1. Shamanic Akashic Record Reading
    Shamanic Akashic Record Reading
    Heal and clear the deeper spiritual aspects of "dis-ease", receive divine guidance and wisdom, clear looping patterns and karma, step into a higher frequency of being from the Highest Divine and your Divine Soul Self through accessing the cosmic record of your soul across all time and space in a Shamanic Akashic Record Reading with Light Language.
  2. Asian Integrative Medicine Treatments
    Asian Integrative Medicine Treatments
    Acupoint Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition & Diet Consult, Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki & Qigong. Ancient energy medicine practices across the world hold healing modalities over 5,000 years old and are a truly shamanic lineage. They seek to build, restore and maintain the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit thus helping restore and maintain health with regular use aiming at rebalancing the root of illness not just the symptoms.