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Shamanic Journey Lessons & Coaching

Do Your Own Shamanic Journey, Meet Your Spirit Guides, Teachers, Angels & Source for Consciousness Ascension and Healing.

Consulting the beyond for advice on your life purpose and situations is a deep, powerful and rewarding experience revealing to you a blessed life path releasing karmic dues and raising consciousness and awareness to be your highest self and walk the path of light divinely given to you.
Shamanic Journeying Lessons & Coaching
Enter truly magical and self empowering worlds that everyone has a life rite to know exist and visit. Open the doors to deeper understanding life and why you are really here. Shamanic journeying brings you to Non-Ordinary reality which is like entering a dream state of everyday Ordinary Reality. This is where your power animals, spirit guides/teachers and a connection to Source reside and are waiting to meet you.

Shamanic Journey lessons teach you to journey to these places. It takes 5 successive sessions to teach you how to do your own shamanic journey for your own problem-solving, healing and for discovering your own spiritual power and the wisdom to deal successfully with daily Ordinary Reality life and its goal of life-enlightenment with help from the spirit world. It seeks to restore your spiritual power back to the you rather than having you rely on external mediators. You will be taught how to journey to both the Upper and Lower Shamanic Worlds of Non-Ordinary reality to meet and visit your power animals, spirit guides and teachers at any time you wish to once the 5 sessions have been completed. (Journeying for another requires their verbal permission from them to you directly.)

Once one knows how to journey, Shamanic Counseling sessions can be continued at the clients discretion to practice journeying with assistance from the practitioner in their journey question forming and method. Also reviewing journeys for full integration, manifestation and retrospection also takes place. If one also wishes to advance their journeying to a higher level this can also be done once journeying is going successfully and the client and spirits agree it's time.

Common uses for Shamanic Journeying:

  • Find one’s life purpose
  • Working with specific questions in one’s life
  • Issues concerning depression
  • Issues around fears and phobias
  • Issues or questions about relationships
  • Work issues
  • Health (physical, emotional, mental)
  • Substance abuse
  • Addictions

Common benefits of Shamanic Journeying:

  • Find answers to specific questions in one’s life regarding any issue
  • Receive guidance, wisdom and powerful healings from the spirit world and beyond
  • Reach deep levels of a meditative state quickly and with ease
  • Feel enlightened and healed by the magical worlds visited
  • Resonate at a higher level of consciousness
  • Deal successfully with daily life and it’s goal of life enlightenment
  • Find and feel resolution and freedom in letting go of and moving on from things that have ended or are over
Intro to Shamanic Journeying
One-On-One Classes
This is a 5 90 minute one-on-on class package of Introduction to Shamanic Journeying classes for personal attention and flexible scheduling in learning this modality in office or phone/Skype.

  • Intro Shamanic Journeying Class 1
    • Visit the Lower World
    • Meet your Power Animal
  • Intro Shamanic Journeying Class 2
    • Visit the Lower World
    • Communicate with your Power Animal
  • Intro Shamanic Journeying Class 3
    • Visit the Upper World
    • Meet your Teacher
  • Intro Shamanic Journeying Class 4
    • Visit the Upper World
    • Communicating with your Teacher
  • Intro Shamanic Journeying Class 5
    • Visit Upper or Lower World
    • How to prepare and ask your divination question

90 min session $125
5 lessons (90 min ea.) package $500

  1. Dates & Times
    Book your own dates individually.
  2. Includes
    Take home journal for continued use at home.
  3. Location
    3030 Bridgeway, Suite 217, Sausalito, CA
  4. Bonus
    15% discount on a 75 min. Shamanic Akshic session with Sherry
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