Akashic Aura Attunement®
For Light Language

Attuning to Your Natural Link to Light Language Frequency for Cellular Awakening Bringing You to a Higher State of Consciousness in the Ascension Process and Preparing for Future Incarnations

What are Akashic Aura Attunements®

Akashic Aura Attunements are cellular level alignments, or bringing back into awareness and harmony, your cells to your soul's Record of your Truest Highest Self through accessing your Akashic Record and the Book of Truth (Akashic Enlightenment) and Light Language or Source Frequency.

Your Truest Highest Self is what is accessed through your Akashic Records through the Original Source Creation energy accessed through the Book of Truth, Laws of the Universe, which are the Laws outside of any falsly or lower vibrationally created physical existences that one has been aligning with knowingly or unknowingly. There are many societal laws, rules, beliefs and false patterns or looping behavior cycles one exists in when following this lower/ego driven self and false laws instead of the Book of Truth/Laws of the Universe, Universal Truth.

The Akashic Aura Attunements® bring back your Original Knowledge of who you are as a soul and as cellular level upgrades. Through updating the aura of your cellular structures it reminds your cellular struction of this high dimensional self, the Divine Human, that you can embody in a physical form now as a human upgrading  your consciousness on the current Ascension path happening at this time.
As featured in the Akashic Enlightenment Book
The Akashic Aura Attunements® will awaken and enliven your dormant and forgotten cellular knowledge of who you truly are as a Divine Human in an Ascended or Enlightened state. No, this doesn't bring instant enlightenment but prepapres your vessel for higher energies instead of them not having a place to rest, be stored and grow, thus allowing your body to grow with your Ascension or consciousness path. If not updated, your current alignment or attachement or encasing in your physical being will keep you limited to what you can attain spiritually as it is like putting a square peg in a round hole. They wont fit together as they are different constructions and the higher energies will be limited and restricted.

The Akashic Aura Attunements
® come in during a Shamanic Akashic Enlightenment session as Light Language and energy frequency transmission, sound vibration or just energy carrying the vibration or energy of Creation. Creation is altered or created with the vibration of sound, thus when Light Language is spoken it is direct Source Energy coming in as energetically high vibrating sound waves to adjust you to a higher cellular level thus attuning or reharmizing you with your Truest Highest Self frequency Divine Human self. When Light Language is done in conjuction with Akashic Enlightenment (Akashic Records and the Book of Truth) the Akashic Aura Attunement® is created. (To learn about this please read my book Akashic Enlightenment, Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, and Ascension: A Tale and Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim.)

What is Light Language

These specific Akashic Aura Attunements are geared towards activating one's link to Light Language and Original Source frequency.

Light Language is an interdimensional language of love and light and a higher dimensional frequency healing. It contains the codes of Creation as sound as well as visual art glyphs. Verbally spoken there are different dialects and it is not necessary to undertand what is being said in order to receive its benefits. It connects directly to Source. Hearing it brings frequency and Ascension or DNA activating reconnecting one with their blueprint and template upgrades for the Divine Human/Original Light Being/Adam Kadman. It is used for healing issues, toning, meditating, giving and receiving higher guidance and aligning as necessary and needed by those who receive it or hear it, on a deep soul level.

After hearing it some cry, some feel deply relaxed, sometimes physical pain just disappears and many other instant effects. It is often felt in the heart chakra and like a calm blanket of energy over the body. Others feel nothing but then soon after those around them see and feel a difference in their being, the shift that has taken place is sensed.

Also a definition of the Language of Light as written in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch:

Language of Light - Instant communication with the Infinite Mind using ideographic and pictographic cybernetics. It is used by "Elohim" in conjunction with the Nartoomid "Eternal Light" to create the primordial aeons and "Mansion world regions" of growth. (Gen. 1:1-3; John 1:1-3). It is the parent language of a Deity used in an overall plan or design to outline a procedure, to code knowledge into crystal, etc. The Language of Light as a vehicle enables the Lords of Lights to reach many planetary worlds and reality levels simultaneously and fuse the different languages into the same scenario abstract. This allows man to have communion with other planets of intelligence through super-holographic processes. As God's word (Ps. 119:105, 130; Prov. 6:23). The knowledge of this language comes from a core memory of information being shared by the higher spiritual levels of existence. It allows man to read the "records of the mysteries" in the higher heavens.

Akashic Aura Attunement® Sessions for Light Language Frequency

In the session your Akashic Records will be opened in the Book of Truth via Akashic Enlightenment and will be used to visit your past lives, galactic incarnations, other dimensions and parallel lives in the multiverse in a most effective order as known and guided to by the Divine and brought in as your most immediate effective connections to reconnecting you back to your Light Language abilities and energies, your Divine Human self and greater soul self for this lifetime and beyond.

Being clairvoyant I will share with you what they are visually showing me and conduit any energy frequencies they are accessing through these connections either via energy transmission or Light Language attunements for each soul experience that is accessed. This is an Ascension healing and attunement and also provides for soul expansion in this lifetime and for future soul existences.

Each soul is at it's own level and on it's own path and timing will vary on this. Be patient with yourself as you go through this deep soul and Source frequency remembering and aligning process.

It can take up to 5 attunement sessions, 75 minutes each, to bring in your natural ability to work with Light Language frequencies.  Between these sessions express what comes to you in whatever form you feel called to share it or were guided to do in the session. Know this is part of your attunement.

After you are reconnected to Light Language/Source frequency and are expressing it in your soul's assigned way in this lifetime (some examples from other other clients include language, art, energy healing transmission, creating jewelry, tinctures or essences), you can then do follow up sessions to continue to grow and expand your soul awareness on it's highest level and upgrade your abilities in this lifetime and following incarnations, preparing for the journey ahead.

75 minute session: $225

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