Come and get group experience and training with the spirit world, Akashic Enlightenment, Light Language and Shamanic healing and journeying. Rejoin with your soul family! Raise the collective energies by gathering in a group. Receive guidance and alignements for current Ascension energies.
March 22nd, 6:30p-8p
Akashic Enlightenment & Light Language Ascension & Transformation Teleconference

This teleconference is to bring together a global and cosmic group for Akashic Enlightenment guidance teachings and channeling from the Council of Light on their perspective of current Ascension energies with Light Language transmissions given as needed for the group. Then as a group we will open Akashic Enlightenment and do a check-in for needed alignments and clearning of blocks. going through any necessary Divine Love alignments.

REQUIREMENTS: You must have a copy of the Akashic Enlightenment Gateway Prayer and know how to use it so you can open Akashic Enlightenment with the group. It is availabe in my Akashic Enlightenment book and/or from a class or training.
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Asian Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Shamanism, Akashic Records, Psychic Readings, Energy Healing, Reiki
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