Asian Integrative Medicine Treatments

Acupoint Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition & Diet Consult, Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki & Qigong

Ancient energy medicine practices across the world hold healing modalities over 5,000 years old and are a truly shamanic lineage. They seek to build, restore and maintain the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit thus helping restore and maintain health with regular use aiming at rebalancing the root of illness not just the symptoms.

Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Asian Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Shamanism, Akashic Records, Psychic Readings, Energy Healing, Reiki
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Asian Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Shamanism, Akashic Records, Psychic Readings, Energy Healing, Reiki
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, Asian Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Shamanism, Akashic Records, Psychic Readings, Energy Healing, Reiki
Your Session
If you are dealing with physical and/or emotional health concerns, I recommend starting with 3 sessions (90 minute initial and 2 60 minute follow ups), after which I will recommend we do a Shamanic Akashic Record reading and healing to find and clear the root of the initial misalignement or illness on the spiritual level. Then we will re-evaluate your treatment plan on moving forward. (New clients please fill out secure online new client form and informed consent form .)

During your session a consult will be done on your current and past health concerns to find the root imbalance of your health concern(s) followed by a treatment using
Acupoint Therapy, Chinese herbal medicine and supplements, nutrition and dietary consult,  lifestyle coaching, Reiki chakra clearing or Medical Qigong, Arcturian Method Energy Healing.

90 min initial session ......................................................... $160
60 min follow up session ..................................................$115

60 min initial Herbal Med ONLY session ................ $115
30 min follow up Herbal Med ONLY session .........$60

(Office or Online with Zoom)

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Ancient Asian Medicine
Replenish Your Spirit, Rebalance & Restore Your Body, Calm Your Mind

Many ancient energy medicines including Chinese and Japanese medicine work with a system of energy pathways on the body called meridians and points, often called acupoints, which are heightened areas of the body’s energy or “Qi” (pronounced “chee”), or the body's life force energy, and which are connected to the etheric body thus when activated affect the physical body, the mind or astral body/emotional body and causalm plane, and the spiritual planes . Thus, these points have the ability to assist the physcal body, mind/astral anmd emotional body and spirit in it’s natural ability to heal by activating these areas to balance one’s physical, emotional and spiritual states thus helping restore one’s overall health and well being. Pressure and/or healing tools applied on these particular acupoints of energy on the body are used to activate the points in particular sequences and combinations to bring the physical body, mind/astral/emotional body and spirit into balance so it may return to and maintain health and well being.
Japanese Meridian Acupoint Therapy
Gently Receive the Restoration of Qi/Life force without the Pain of Puncturing the Skin

In ancient Asian cultures shamanic healers used pointed probes or wands made of stone to activate the points on the meridians of the body. Later these healing wands were commonly made of precious metals and which are now made of gold, silver, copper or jade, some even polarized with energizing or sedating end points. The wand only contacts the surface of the skin (known as the Wei Qi or external Qi level) on an acupoint to activate the energy at that point on the body to stimulate it promoting the body’s own healing. It is gentle and just as effective and energetically powerful as acupuncture needles but without puncturing the skin. I use small hand made gold and silver wands the size of toothpicks created by a blind acupuncturist in Japan. When using these acupoint wands I am able to conduct more healing energy into that point on the Wei Qi level of the body thus reaching more levels at one time.

Another acupoint healing tool to activate the acupoint is an herb known as Artemisia Valgaris (Mugwort). In this external herbal medicine treatment the mugwort is placed on the acupoint and lit with incense to create heat and stimulate and activate that point on the body to promote healing, add warmth and energy to the body and help move blood and energy to restore the body to it’s natural balanced state of health. This is a particularly beneficial treatment for depleted clients and/or chronic conditions.

Another acupoint healing tool is organic, pure botanical essential oils in Aroma AcuPoint Therapy™. These are applied with acupressure to acupoints and the soles of the feet to activate the energy at that point on the body to stimulate it to promote the body’s own healing and which bring a general overall calm and well being that will bring one back to a state of balance. Essential oils have been found to be just as electromagnetically powerful as acupuncture needles. The basic aim is always to select an oil that possesses the same function as an acupoint; an oil that will activate a particular point function.

Apothecary: Chinese Herbal Medicine & Supplements
Rebuild, Restore and Protect Your Body

Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine works in rebalancing the body’s state of health helping it to rebuild, restore and protect itself. Herbs are usually given to the individual to take at home daily along with regular treatments and after an intake to determine one’s imbalance according to Taoist balance theory. It is important to make sure one is taking the proper herbs for their constitution as taking the incorrect herbs can cause further health issues. Herbs will be given in the form of pills, powder to make a tea, or tinctures.
Also, there are many herbal formulas that work great for many common illnesses that pharmaceutical medications are prescribed for except these formulas will address the root cause of this symptom or illness to rebalance your body so it will not only be quieted but will be reduced at the root cause, brought back into harmony, or will leave altogether.
Herbal formulas go through rigorous processes for quality control and I choose brands I have personally tested on my own body and which I highly recommend for those who come to see me. (Evergreen, Kan Herbals, Seven Forests, Pine Mountain, Integrative Theraputics.)

In some cases supplements are need to help the body while the herbs are reuilding it's natural strength. These will also be consulted on and provided as needed.

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Reiki & Medical Qigong
Clearing Deeper Energetic Roots of Illness

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality treats the whole person--mind, body and spirit--and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well being. Reiki uses a gentle touch technique that works by raising the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body. Reiki clears, straightens, and heals the chakra pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow. Reiki Energy can help to heal physical ailments and does well in combination with other healing methods. This treatment often comes in conjuction once I am doing acupoint work as certain chakras are shown as being blocked or carrying old energy ready to be cleared.

Qigong is an ancient form of energy healing part of Chinese Medicine using focused breathing and subtle body movements or hands being placed over another's body in certain areas and patterns to move and/or build Qi or life force energy within one’s body to rebalance from illness or help rebuild depleted Qi or life force energy. When used in healing another's body it is similar to the Japanese practice of Reiki though working on the points and meridians and not solely on the chakras.
Nutrition & Dietary Consulting
Food As Medicine, Know and Understand the Energetic Properties of Food

What we put into our bodies is what will build our bodies, outside of energy or breath work. Thus, knowing what foods to eat that will best benefit you and your individual constitution is very helpful in maintaining health and wellness. According to Asian medicine theory many foods hold certain energetic properties that can positively assist or negatively impact one's health.

For example, some foods are very hot and carry yang energy which are very good for those that are yang depleted however not so good for someone who is primarily yin depleted and needing cooler foods to bring the body into balance again.

I will go over what you are currently eating regularly and how to improve your daily food choices for optimal harmonizing of your individual constitution.

Lifestyle Coaching
How to Balance Sleep, Exercise, Work, Play, Relationships

An individual's day to day life can greatly affect their health and well being. Many are not conscious of what they are choosing to do with their time and energy and if they are may not know if it is actually in balance with their individual soul identity and physical constitution.

I will go over what you do day to day and will see where simple daily improvements can be made so you will be living your best choices for being in harmony with you are as an individual and not just following societal standards.
Arcturian Healing Method Energy Healing
Light, Energy, and information meant to accelerate a person's evolution.

This energy healing method is inspired by higher beings from the star system Arcturus.  It is Divinely guided through the form of the Arcturians. This is a form of light, energy, and information meant to accelerate a person’s evolution. 

Some of the issues the Arcturian Healing Light can address are:

  • Life path alignment
  • Life functioning upgrade
  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Mental healing
  • Spiritual healing

This is a multidimensional healing where we are healing more than the physical dimension. Thus the prime importance is not just focusing on the results but rather on doing the healing and allowing whatever results to manifest as needed.

From a larger standpoint, we would not be in physicality if it were not serving the purpose of teaching us something on this level. Realize though, that you are a multi-dimensional being with other facets of reality just as real and true as the physical dimension. The Arcturian Healing Method works on all these dimensions and primarily is functioning first on the non-physical dimension. This means the input of one's consciousness is in a non-physical dimension first when receiving this method. The ripple effects from your work with this healing method can reach other dimensions of a person or place including the physical dimension.