Learn How to Access Your Own Akashic Records for Self Enlightenment & Ascension

Bring yourself back into your highest state of alignment and well being by aligning with your true soul self. Access your own divine guidance, wisdom and healing from your Higher Self and your Akashic Records.
 Shift from the 3rd Dimensional consciousness to the 5th Dimension consciousness and beyond. Understand your soul truth and receive divine guidance. Remember, learn from and heal past lives and clear karma. Step out of outdated or learned patterns, fears and anxieties. Raise your vibration.

Experience the record of your soul throughout all of time and space.
Align with the your Golden KRYST Solar Consciousness
and Ascend out of the Matrix.

Akashic Enlightenment Akashic Record Soul Alignment Retreat
Saturday November 11th - Sunday November 12th, 2017

Sausalito & San Francisco, California

I am so happy to be bringing you this retreat. It will be such a true deep adventure into the soul for all of us.

Akashic Enlightenment training are a series of powerful realignment classes that will teach you how to access your own Akashic Records for self enlightenment and ascension through the 11th density Book of Truth, the Universal Truth of which your Akashic Records are a part of, by using a 5th dimensional consciousness access prayer as your gateway to seeing the Book of Truth from your soul’s highest perspective.

The Book of Truth is timeless and universal and is the big library of which your Akashic Records are but one hallway of.

You'll experience your own Akashic Records and their Divine wisdom and knowledge of your past, present and future lives. Through this you are helped to understand better why you are here, how your soul is experiencing the ascension process underway at this time, who is helping you in this process and how, clear old energy to help you move along and follow your soul's path of Ascension instead of following outdated or learned patterns, fears, traumas and anxieties. In addition, the healing energy of just being in your own Akashic Records also shifts you to a higher vibration which you will feel upon opening your records and which will help you align with who you are at your soul level.

These courses work with your personal connection to personal enlightenment and ascension through your own Akashic Records using the power of questions to bring instant clarity and manifestation of consciousness to you. This in and of itself will bring you to a higher awareness of who you really are and will teach you how to continue to align yourself in such a manner so you can maintain this consciousness and continue it to return back to Source/God/All That Is.

What you will learn & gain in these classes:

  • How to open and close your individual Akashic Records through the Book of Truth (the Universal Truth of which your Akashic Records are a part of)
  • How to communicate and receive divine guidance from your own Akashic Records for Self Enlighenment & Ascension
  • Meditaions: Grounding technique, Energy protection meditation, Shamanic Golden Chakra meditation
  • Shift from the 3rd Dimension consciousness to the 5th Dimension consciousness and higher
  • Awaken your KRYST Golden Solar Consciousness or Christ Consciousness and Bodhisattva Enlightenment
  • Commune with the Beings of Light, Akashic Lords, Ascended Masters & Teachers
  • Shift your vibration to a higher level
  • Open and access your Soul Star Chakra
  • Understand and align with your soul purpose
  • Reconnect with Source through the Akasha via your Soul
  • Receive healing through aligning with your higher soul self
  • Experience the record of your soul throughout all of time and space

Saturday, November 11th

10a-1p - How to Access Your Akashic Records for Self Enlightenment & Ascension
This portion introduces to the Akashic Enlightenment method  and how to use the Akashic Enlightenment access prayer to open up your own Akashic Records for self enlightenment and Ascension. It goes over what the Akashic Records are and a detailed teaching of the three preparatory meditations of Running Energy, Golden Egg Energy protection meditation and the Shamanic Golden Chakra meditation techniques. It also goes over how to receive divine guidance and healing to your questions and concerns in your Records and help you discover your relationship with this method of spiritual growth and soul realignment.

1p-2:30p - Lunch & free time

2:30p-5:30p -
Exploring Your Soul & Ascension in Your Akashic Records

This portion we will practice the Akashic Enlightenment method with preparatory meditation techniques and how to use the Akashic Enlightenment access prayer to open up your own Akashic Records for self enlightenment and Ascension to practice reading your Records for self enlightenment and Ascension with a focus on exploring who you are at a soul level and your own Ascension process including using an Ascension healing prayer.

Sunday, November 12th

10-12p - Past Life Adventures & Knowledge

This portion we will pracrice  the Akashic Enlightenment method with preparatory meditation techniques and how to use the Akashic Enlightenment access prayer to open up your own Akashic Records. We will focus on you visiting past lives to see them in relationship to your Ascension process thus affecting the collective and Universal consciousness. They will help you to prepare and ramp up your soul to go further in this lifetime making these cosmically challenging transitions easier at this time. This also puts you in alignment with your relationship to God/Source/All That Is, clears your energy to move you forward on your Ascension path and allows you to see current connections for what they are making you and your soul understand of why you're here in this life and why certain people are in your life now.

12p-1:30p - Lunch & free time

1:30p - 3:30p - Ascension, Soul Lineages & Relationships
Continuing to practice using the Akashic Enlightenment method we will open our Recods and focus you on seeing and understanding your soul lineages and relationships at a soul level and how they can assist your Ascension and self enlightenment process during these times of great cosmic evolution. You will also learn how to construct your own questions and how to receive thorough answers.

3:30p-5:30p - Exploring Ordinary Reality While in Your Akashic Records/Non-Ordinary Reality
In this practice we will be working with the shamanic idea of combining Ordinary Reality with Non-Ordinary Reality. We will as a group go to visit the amazing labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and download ancient knowledge, keys, codes and insight for your own Ascension and self Enlightenment.

Enjoying your Akashic Enlightenment Retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area
Held at Body Mind Spirit Soul Wellness in Sausalito California. This is a special location sitting on an ancient energetic grid many are guided to work with and enjoy being around. Enjoy waterfront view and vibe as well as fun places to visit and dine.
  1. Parking
    Easy and free parking in parking lot.
  2. Coffee & Lunch
    Equator Coffee and Good Earth Health Food & Drivers Market great lunch and hang out spots.
  3. Hiking & Beaches
    Enjoy a hike at Muir Beach, Tennessee Valley, or stroll along the waterfront.
  4. Dining
    Follow the class with dinner at one of many great local restaurants.
  5. Location
    Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul Wellness office 3030 Bridgeway, Suite 216, Sausalito, CA
  1. Dates & Times
    November 11th 10a-5:30p November 12th 10a-5:30p
  2. Includes
    Take home booklet for and MP3 15 minute prep mediation for your continued practice at home.
  3. FaceBook Group
    Continue your connection with the community you make by joining the private online Akashic Enlightenment Online Academy FB group.
  4. Bonus
    25% discount on a 75 minute Akashic Record reading with Sherry Mosley.


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